Launching the Leopard IoT System – Digitising security and connectivity in the Cycling World

Press release – October 2020

Leopard Tech is a new UK start-up founded by a small group of passionate cyclists, award-winning engineers, and software developers. Their flagship product, the Leopard IoT System is set to bring a digital revolution to security and connectivity within the cycling world.

An innovate IoT hardware module including its own power source if required and engineered to fit invisibly within the bicycle frame itself. Combined with the Leopard app and a comprehensive cloud-based reporting tool, the Leopard IoT system allows manufacturers of traditional bicycles and ebikes to offer their customers a fully integrated IoT solution making any bike a ‘smart’ bike and adding a host of enhanced security features.

For riders, the Leopard System provides enhanced GPS tracking and mapping features akin to popular cycling and route navigation apps with the addition of built in anti-theft measures comprising of vibration and 6-AXIS gyro sensors paired to a powerful integrated alarm.

Sensors within the Leopard module will detect if a bike is moved or tampered with and automatically sound the alarm. The system will also send a message to the rider’s smartphone via the leopard app alerting them to bike movement. The alarm can be turned off directly from the app if it is triggered by accident.

The tracking and mapping features through the Leopard App will also allow the rider to access information on bike theft rates and locations in their area as well as user reviewed and safe bike parking locations close by and at their chosen destination.

The tracking feature can also be used to recover stolen bikes and has the potential to alert the rider to risks such as accident hot spots and even if a rider is located near a high risk Covid-19 area.

Bicycle manufacturers will have access to a vast range of data and insights on their customers to allow for improved customer service and marketing opportunities together with detailed insights on rider behaviours to support future product development.

The Leopard App is fully customisable for manufactures allowing them to effectively white label the app with their own brand identity and a choice of features including social media integration, route planner, bicycle tracker, message centre and anti-theft measures.

Utilising the latest GSM/NB-IoT chipsim (eSIM) and Bluetooth low energy technology, the Leopard IoT System offers market leading connectivity across Europe and beyond with next to zero latency and signal drop…no matter where your ride might take you. All this from a hardware module that comes in at just under 70g which includes the integrated battery for use with traditional bikes and less then 40g if used on ebikes or LEV utilising the machines own power source.

Founder and MD of Leopard Tech, Jia Mi said;

“The whole idea behind the Leapord IoT system came from having my own bike stolen which led me to look for an advanced tracking and anti-theft system for my own bicycle that I could install or better yet, already be installed within the bike.

Unfortunately, no such system existed in the market, so together with a small group of talented engineers and software developers who all shared a passion for cycling and had experienced the similar frustration and expense of stolen bikes, we started developing the Leopard IoT System”

James Robertson, Director of Marketing & Sales, went on to say;

“We are very excited to launch the Leopard System at Eurobike 2020, meet with manufacturers and see how we can help them digitise the future of security and connectivity in the cycling market”

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