Prevent theft - Secure your ride

Connected Bike Alarm & Anti Theft Monitoring 

Prevent theft. Secure your ride

Connected Bike Alarm & Anti Theft Monitoring 

advanced theft prevention

Created by cyclists & bicycle manufacturers to help prevent bicycle theft.
The Leopard Lync is a smart security system designed to fit all types of bicycles. Providing real time theft monitoring, movement detection & anti theft alarm.
An added layer of protection for your bike & extra peace of mind for you.

Tech built to protect

109 dB anti theft alarm

When triggered the Lync sounds a 109dB alarm deterring potential theft

Instant theft alerts

Instant alerts via the Lync app if unauthorised movement is detected

Detects any movement

With vibration, accelerometer and 6 axis gyro sensors

Auto lock

Your phone is key - just walk away and Lync will activate

GPS tracking

Track your bike anywhere with real time GPS tracking

For all bikes

Fits under your bottle cage with security hex bolts ‚Äď Included

Long battery Life

Up to 4 weeks battery life on a single charge

eSim / 4G connectivity

Global coverage with no drop in connection

Peace of mind when leaving your bike

Any unauthorised movement will trigger a loud 109 dB alarm to deter thieves

If movement is detected the Lync will send you an instant alert to check on your bike

4G connectivity and GPS tracking keeps your bike secure in any location

Time to end this

Instant Movement alerts & theft mapping - anytime, anywhere

      App Features 
  • Instant push notifications if movement detected¬†
  • Cancel alarm directly from the app
  • Create your bike passport including photo, specs & serial number
  • Activate Lync with a single tap
  • Set up auto lock – your phone is your key
  • Create a geofence lock around your bike¬†
  • View your bikes location anytime, anywhere
  • See recent bike theft locations & crime hot spots¬†
  • Use across multiple bikes¬†
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Lync Specifications

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Dimensions:              23mm x 168mm x 36mm
Weight:                       97g
Connectivity:             eSim Р4G & 2G 
Tracking:                    GPS (GNSS)
Alarm:                         Up to 109 dB
Sensors:                     6 axis gyro & accelerometer 
Charging:                   USB Type C РCable included  
Battery life:                Up to 4 weeks normal use / 4 months standby 
Battery type:              Lithium polymer
Weatherproof:           IP67
Flight safety:             Airplane mode
2x security hex bolts РIncluded 

Price:                          Now just £139.00 & includes 3 months of data FREE
Data plan:                  From £2.99 per month after the first 3 months

How the Lync Compares

All testing was carried by the Leopard Technical team in controlled, like for like conditions.  


Under normal riding conditions the battery will last up to 4 weeks. The device will let you know when the battery needs charging and you simply plug it in either to mains or a powerbank for 3 hours to fully charge.

Any and all types of bicycle ‚Äď from traditional to electric, road to gravel. If your bike has room for a bottle cage then you will be able to fit the Leopard Lync.

No ‚Äď the device comes with its own build in eSim allowing you to use the device across the UK and Europe

The best placement for the Lync is under where you would normally fit your bottle cage, and attach with  security hex bolts Рwhich are included. You can then attach your own bottle cage as normal over the Lync.

The Lync measures 166mm in length, 32mm in width and 23mm thickness. The compete hardware module weights just 97g.

Yes – Unlike a tracker like tile or airtag where you need to rely on other people‚Äôs devices and be close to it to find whatever you‚Äôre tracking… the Lync was created with connectivity as a key feature and we use both GPS and 4G/2G cellular networks via an integrated eSim so you can track your device (bike) from anywhere in the world where you get signal.

The Lync supports 4G network in the UK and across Europe as well, without extra roaming charge. All mapping (real-time GPS and find my bike) will work anywhere in the EU and UK. The only exception at the moment is the data we use for the bike theft report. Currently this is provided by UK police and so bike theft map feature is available in the UK for now. However we activity working with the EU authorities to collect more theft data and will be extending the theft mapping to cover the EU very soon. This will be done by way of a remote firmware update to the device and we will notify all users when this is ready to do.

Advanced anti theft

Get peace of mind when leaving your bike. Any movement will trigger the Lync 109 dB alarm and send an instant movement notification to you via the app.

Long battery life

The Lync will last up to 1 week in constant / high use and up to 4 weeks in normal use. Notifications will let you know when the battery is getting low and a full charge only takes 1 hour. 

auto lock

Forget about keys or remembering to activate the Lync. With our auto lock feature, your phone is the key. When out of range the Lync will automatically activate securing your bike and then deactivate when you come back into range.