IoT Security & connectivity for the bicycle and LEV market

We are Leopard Tech, an innovative new startup in the bicycle and LEV industry. Our flagship product, The Leopard IoT System is set to become the industry standard in digital bicycle security. 

Utilising the latest in IoT technology, the Leopard IoT System is a combination of hardware, software and cloud based solutions that provides riders with unparalleled security, anti theft and connectivity features for all bicycles both traditional and electric.

For manufactures it delivers the tools needed to provide a personalised, secure and connected experience for all their customers.

Leopard IoT System

Leopard Hardware Module

The Leopard hardware module integrates directly within the bicycle or LEV to give both manufacturer and customer access to a more comprehensive and accurate range of information as well as enhanced security features

Leopard Application

The Leopard Application allows manufacturers to white label the app to their own requirements and brand identity to give the customer a truly connected experience

Leopard Cloud Platform

The Leopard cloud platform provides manufacturers with all the data and insights they need and provides a huge range of opportunities to increase customer service, deliver tailored marketing, and turn a customer into an engaged user

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