Connectivitiy, anti theft and GPS tracking solutions for the bicycle and LEV market

“Every Ride Matters”

The Leopard® Lync System is designed to empower bicycle and LEV manufacturers to provide products that are smarter, more connected and capture detailed customer insight through cyclist behavioural data.
Cyclists benefit from advanced anti-theft and tracking features for a more secure and connected riding experiene

Leopard Lync System

Leopard Hardware Module

With integrated alarm, sensors and both Bluetooth and cellular connections the hardware module that can fit every bicycle both traditional and electric. The hardware module can be integrated either within the frame during manufacture or as an after-market part such as base unit or bottle cage.

Leopard Application

The Leopard Application, which can be white labelled to manufacturers requirements provides full control over the device including instant theft notifications, 24/7 GPS tracking and crime mapping.

Leopard Insights Platform

The Leopard cloud platform provides manufacturers with an unrivalled view into how customers use their bicycles, from an individual’s own unique cycling behaviour - to group dynamics by cities, countries and models. Delivering increased customer service, community features, tailored marketing and accurate usable data for R&D

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