Who We Are

Our Mission

Leopard Technology is committed to providing manufacturers and cyclists with innovative solutions for bicycle anti theft, GPS tracking and IoT connectivity.

Named Leopard, our IoT based solution is poised to promote unprecedented anti theft, tracking and safety for riders  and support manufacturers to create smarter and more secure products.

Join Us

Join our small and passionate team of cyclists and technical geeks, and together we will change the world of bicycle security and connectivity. We believe that technology should be used to enrich the lives of people and promote a healthier and sustainable future for all of us.

Meet Our Team


Jia Mi

Managing Director


Dr. Guodong Li

Technical Director


Hansheng Xie

Sales Director

Team Members

Fran Jones
Sales & Marketing Manager
Peng Chen
R&D Testing Engineer
Nara Rosie
Advisory Director
Dr. Daiyue Weng
R&D Product Engineer
Jing Wang
Germany Account Manager
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