Leopard Lync – User Manual

Version 2.5

Welcome to your Leopard Lync . This manual will take you through the initial set up, registration and pairing of your Lync to your smartphone, as well as how to use the key functions and features.

We highly recommend that you read and follow these instructions carefully and take the time to correctly set up your Lync to get maximum benefit.

Setting up, pairing, and registering the Lync Hardware and Leopard Lync App for the first time.

Download and setup of the Leopard Lync App

IMPORTANT: Please fully charge the device before use

Please download and correctly set up the Leopard Lync App to pair your smart phone with your Alarm Device. 

  • Download the Leopard Lync App from the App Store or Play Store
  • Open the Leopard Lync App.
  • Allow Leopard Lync to access your location. – This is essential for bicycle tracking.
  • Allow Leopard Lync to send you notifications. – This is needed for your anti-theft notifications.
  • Allow Leopard Lync to use bluetooth-compatible feature. – This is needed for the auto lock function.
  • Allow Leopard Lync to access the camera. – This is needed for taking the bike and profile pictures.
  • Allow Leopard Lync to access your photos. – This is needed for uploading the bike and profile pictures from your iOS photo albums.

Registration and Login

Initial registration of your Lync, bicycle and pairing with your phone.

  • Open your Leopard Lync App.
  • Tap ‘Register Here’ on the login screen, then enter your name, email address, phone number (optional) and create a password.
  • Please check and agree to the ‘Terms & Conditions’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ then tap the ‘Submit’ button to continue user registration.
  • Enter the verification code sent to the email address you used for signup, and tap ‘Verify Code’ (you can resend the code after 60 secs) to complete the registration. The Email and password can now be used for signing you into the app from the login screen once you have been signed out. 

Pair and activate your Lync for the first time

  • Right after the registration, make sure your bluetooth-compatible feature is turned on.
  • Enter basic bicycle info for Step 1, i.e. bike name (compulsory), bike type (optional), bike colour (optional), bike model (compulsory), bike manufacturer (compulsory) and bike frame number (optional). 
  • Your new bike is now added, then tap the ‘Complete Step 1 of 3’ button to get to Step 2: Sync Smart Device.
  • Tap the ‘Sync now’ button to start searching for any nearby Alarm Device(s).
  • Select the device (by selecting the radio button next to the device that you want to activate on the list) for activating the Leopard Lync Device service on it (this may take up to 1 min when activating the service for the first time).
  • When the syncing is successful (the device will make a clear beeping sound as an indication). Clicking ‘Complete Step 2 of 3’ to get to Step 3: Set Your Locations. This step is completely optional (by clicking the ‘Skip’ button on the top-right corner of the screen). Enter the location (the app will automatically suggest the full address based on your input) that you would like to park the bike, name the location, and then tap ‘Save to My Locations’ to save it.
  • Tap ‘Complete Step 3 of 3’ to get to the ‘Map’ screen and the device is connected via bluetooth-compatible feature and unlocked; the name of the newly added bike will also be displayed under ‘Account -> My Bikes’, and is ‘Connected’ as the current device with a switch slid to green.

NOTE: When activating the device for the 1st time, the user has to click the ‘Pair’ button on the bluetooth-compatible feature pairing request pop-up in order to connect the device.

Sometimes, in order to connect with the device you need to configure the appropriate bluetooth-compatible feature settings. Go to iOS bluetooth-compatible feature Setting, tap the ‘!’ symbol next to the device name [LP_B910_xxxx]. Select “Forget This Device”, then return to the app and continue activating the device. 


Key functions and features of the Leopard Lync 


Start Riding

Once you have successfully registered and paired your device you can now begin to use the Leopard Lync Device on every ride.

  • Please affix your Leopard Lync Device using the screws provided to your preferred location on your bike – making sure you also fit the caps provided over the screws to aid in anti-theft measures.
  • When you are within connectivity range and your phone / Leopard Lync app has connected to your Leopard Lync Device, the app will automatically connect to the bike via bluetooth-compatible feature.
  • The connectivity icon in the bottom left corner will turn blue on the ‘Map’ screen, along with a battery level icon and a ‘unlock’ icon showing the bike is currently unlocked. This indicates the app is successfully connected to the bike.

Enabling Auto Lock 

Auto lock will automatically lock your bike (enabling anti-theft measures) when you are far enough away. Note that the connection range is approximately 30 metres. 

  • Go to ‘Account’ -> ‘My Bikes’, select the bike you want to enable auto-lock, then tap ’Anti-theft’ on the next screen and switch on ‘Auto-lock’ (it is on by default).
  • When there is enough distance between the bike and the user (with smartphone) to be out of communication range, the app will display ‘Anti Theft is Active’ pop-up dialog indicating that the auto-lock and anti-theft measures are now active. 
  • When the user (with smartphone) comes back into connectivity range of the bike the app will automatically connect and will display ‘Anti Theft is deactivated’ pop-up dialog indicating that the anti-theft measures are now deactivated, and you are good to ride. 

Enabling Manual (Quick) Lock 

Manual lock allows you to turn on the anti-theft measures if you want to leave your bike temporarily (e.g. 10 mins or less) but are still within the connection range (approx. 10 meters), e.g. grabbing a coffee or getting a newspaper etc, so that whenever the bike has been tampered with, a Vibration alarm will be triggered and the user will be notified about this.

  • Go to the ‘Map’ screen, tap the FAB button and then tap ‘Lock Bike’ from the expanded menu. 
  • This will enable all anti-theft measures.
  • To deactivate the lock, tap the FAB button and then tap ‘Unlock Bike’ from the expanded menu.

NOTE: In this mode, the Smart Alarm will have a high-power consumption, since it won’t get into sleep mode and its battery will drain quickly.

Theft Alarm and Notification (Warning and Theft Alarms)

The device uses built-in sensors (3D Accelerometer and 3D Gyro Sensor) to detect if any possible theft or tampering is taking place and sound the alarm and send a notification to the users’ phone.

There are three alarms that can be triggered – Movement Warning alarm, Potential Theft alarm and Geofence Warning alarm.

If the device detects any vibration / movement then it will trigger the Movement Warning alarm resulting in the alarm sounding and a warning notification being sent to the user. This should act as a warning to check on your bike.

If the device continues to detect sustained movement and vibration or the geofence is left for over 1 minute, then it will trigger the Potential Theft alarm resulting in the same alarm sounding and a theft notification being sent to the user. This means there is a high probability your bike is being tampered with and a potential theft is in progress and should be investigated immediately.

NOTE: If the bike has left its designated geofence area, a separated Geofence Warning will also be triggered and the user will get notified. 

Unlocking Your Bike

If you have locked the bike manually (lock button on the FAB expandable menu of the Map screen) and are still within connectivity range (approx. 30 meters), then you just need to press the unlock button.

If you have left the connectivity range, the Smart Alarm can still be manually unlocked, once you return to connectivity range and the device reconnects. 

If you have left the connectivity range while the device is auto-locked for longer than 2 minutes with no activity, then the device will go into standby mode to conserve power. Once you enter the connectivity range, the device will automatically reconnect and be disarmed.

If the battery is really low (0-15%), the device will disconnect the bluetooth-compatible feature, auto-lock itself (if the auto-lock setting is on) and get into standby mode. To wake the device from the standby mode and disarm it, you need to plug in the USB cable and start charging the device, then the device will start reconnecting the bluetooth-compatible feature, hence disarm it once it is connected. 

NOTE: It may take up to 20 seconds to fully wake the device from standby mode and unlock the device.

Finding Your Bike

You can use the integrated alarm within the Leopard Lync Device to find your bike if you have forgotten where you have parked it or if it is parked near other bicycles.  

  • While in proximity to your bike, the device is connected to the app via bluetooth-compatible feature, tap the FAB (Floating Action Button) button on the ‘Map’ screen, then ‘10 Sec Beep’ from the FAB menu to switch on the beeper.
  • A speaker icon will then display on the lower middle of the screen, and the device will sound the alarm for approximately 10 seconds (a countdown visual effect will be displayed on the speaker).
  • On finding your bike, simply switch off the alarm by tapping the speaker icon again or wait until the alarm ceases.

NOTE: You will need to be within connectivity range of the bike to use this function.

You can also start the alarm by tapping ‘Account’ -> ‘My Bikes’ -> select your bike -> scroll down the bike screen -> ‘FIND ME BEEP’.

Activate and Setup Geofence Radius

  • To use Geofence, tap ‘Account’ -> ‘My Bikes’, then selecting the bike that you want to activate geo-fence on, on the next screen, tap ‘Calibrate Anti-theft’, and switching on ‘Geo-fence’ when the device is connected to the app via bluetooth-compatible feature.
  • To set the Geofence radius, the user can drag the ‘Set Geo-fence radius’ slider (each step is 10-meter) to select the best radius for the bike below the Geo-fence switch. By default the radius is set for 300 meters, the minimum radius is 100 meters, the maximum is 300 meters.
  • When the bike leaves the set geofence radius, a warning message will be sent to the user’s phone.

NOTE: The geo-fence setting can only be configured successfully when the app and the device are connected, and the Auto-lock is switched on.

Airplane Mode

For use when travelling with your bicycle on flights, you need to put the Leopard Lync Device in airplane mode.

  • Tap ‘Setting’ -> ‘Manage Bikes / Device’, and then select the bicycle you want to turn on the Airplane Mode, then swipe the ‘Low Power / Airplane Mode’ switch to the left.
  • A message ‘Airplane / low power mode now active’ pops up, indicating that the bike has entered ‘Airplane Mode’ successfully.
  • If the airplane mode has failed to be activated the message ‘Airplane mode failed to activate’ will show up.

Waking the Device from Airplane Mode

Connect the USB charging cable to the Leopard Lync Device to wake it up after entering Airplane Mode.

NOTE: The device won’t enter Airplane Mode when it is charging. 

Riding Mode (Mode)

The Riding Mode / Mode allows the user to switch the device between normal operation mode (Normal mode) and travelling operation mode (Transport mode). By default the device is in Normal mode.

Transport Mode

For use when transporting your bike via car or train and want to preserve power, you need to put the smart device in Transport mode.

  • Tap ‘Setting’ -> ‘Mode’ -> ‘Transport mode’.

NOTE: It will take about 10 secs to make the smart device enter Transport mode. 

Exiting Transport Mode to Normal Mode

You can exit the Transport mode by tapping ‘Setting’ -> ‘Mode’ -> ‘Normal mode’ to enter Normal mode.

You can also connect the USB charging cable to the Leopard Lync device to exit the Transport mode and enter Normal mode.

NOTE: The device won’t enter Transport mode when it is charging. The smart device will take about 15 secs to exit Transport mode and enter Normal mode.

Low Power Notifications

The Leopard Lync Device will send a ‘Low Battery Warning’ push notification to your phone when the battery power is less than 30% every 24 hours upto 3 times.

    • To view the low battery messages, tap ‘Account’ -> ‘My Messages’ -> ‘Alarm messages’. 
  • You can check the battery power level of your Leopard Lync Device at any time via the power gauge icon on the ‘Map’ screen and the device screen (‘Setting’ -> ‘Manage Bikes / Device’ -> your bike). 

Charging Your Leopard Lync Device 

  • Connect the included USB charging cable to the Smart Alarm device and then connect to the mains or power bank to begin charging.
  • The app will display a charging icon on the ‘Map’ screen for this action and display a battery level icon when the USB cable is unplugged.
  • It will take approx. 3 hours to complete a full charge cycle. 

NOTE: Currently the device doesn’t support any fast charger or fast charging cable, please use the supplied USB cable and normal USB (Female) Type A socket for charging. 

False Alarm Cancelling 

  • If the alarm is triggered by accident you can cancel it by tapping the ‘Mute’ button on the alarm warning pop-up dialog.
  • When an alarm is muted all the anti-theft measures will remain on. 

NOTE: Currently, the mute function will only work for manual (quick) lock, i.e. you can mute the alarm when the device is connected to the app.

Use the Alarm Device on Another Bicycle

If you would like to fit your Leopard Lync device to another bicycle please follow the steps below.

    • Open ‘Account -> My Bikes’, then select the bicycle that you want to unbind the device to, then Tap ‘Bike Details’ on the bicycle screen, scroll down the page and tap the ‘Delete’ button to delete the bike.
    • On ‘My Bikes’, then tap the ‘Add bike’ icon to enter the ‘Bike Information’ screen for the new bike you want to bind the device to.
  • Repeat the process for ‘Pair and activate the Alarm Device for the first time’ to add another bike.


You can choose the app language between German and English by tapping;

  • ‘Setting’ -> ‘Language’ -> ‘English’ for English.
  • ‘Setting’ -> ‘Language’ -> ‘German’ for German.

App Version

You can check the release notes of the Leopard Lync app currently installed by tapping ‘Setting’ -> ‘Version’.

NOTE: You will also see the app version history for all the older versions that you have installed for the Leopard Lync app in the past.  

Please go to the Leopard Lync app page on the App Store for app updates.

Firmware Update

If there is a new firmware version available for updating the smart device, you will receive a ‘There is a new version available’ notification along with a corresponding in-app pop-up. To complete the firmware update, please follow the steps below.

  • Tap ‘Update’ on the ‘There is a new version available’ pop-up and the app will take you to the Firmware Version screen of the smart device. 
  • Tap ‘Update Firmware To Latest Version’ at the bottom of Firmware Version screen to start the firmware update process.
  • The update process will automatically download and install the firmware file and when finished, the app will display a ‘You are up to date with the latest version’ pop-up, please follow the on-screen instructions to use the smart device normally after the update.   

In order to use the Leopard Lync smart device normally after firmware update. Please follow the steps below.

  • Close the app (kill the app) first.
  • Forget the smart device in iOS Settings > bluetooth-compatible feature. 
  • Plugin the supplied USB cable (connect to power).
  • Finally opens the app to pair the smart device again.

NOTE: Before updating the firmware, make sure the smart device is not on low power (50-75%) and connected with the app via bluetooth-compatible feature, and does not charge the device.

The Firmware Version screen displays the firmware update history, and the latest version will be labelled as ‘current’. 

If the update process failed, the app will display a ‘Error updating firmware Please retry’ pop-up, please tap ‘Retry’ to reinitiate the firmware update process. 

Please do not delete the bike if the update fails (otherwise the smart device will keep on waiting for the BLE OTA process, and won’t exit to normal mode), retry the update process until it is complete.

If you happen to tap ‘Cancel’ on the firmware update error pop-up, you can still reinitiate the firmware update process by tapping the ‘Update Firmware To Latest Version’ button on the Firmware Version screen. 

When there is a new firmware available for the smart device, a ‘New Firmware version available’ message will also be delivered to ‘My Messages > System messages’. Tap ‘Update’ at the bottom of the message will also direct you to the Firmware Version screen. 

Use the Alarm Device on Another Bicycle

If you would like to fit your Leopard Lync Device to another bicycle please follow the steps below.

    • Open ‘Account -> My Bikes’, then tap the bicycle that you want to unbind the device to, then Tap ‘Bike Information’ on the bicycle screen, scroll down the page and tap the ‘Delete’ button to delete the bike.
    • On ‘My Bikes’, then tap the ‘Add bike’ icon to enter the ‘Bike Information’ screen.
  • Repeat the process for ‘Pair and activate the Alarm Device for the first time’ to add another bike.

Share the Smart Device (Currently in development)

If you want to share your device to someone else, then the new user will first have to download the Leopard Lync app and register. Once complete they will need to provide their ID number to you. This can be found by opening the ‘Account’ screen, and the User ID is under the user profile picture.

Once you have the new User ID, you need to:

  • Go to ‘Setting’ -> ‘Manage Bikes / Device’ -> select your bike -> ‘Share Bike / Device’;
  • Enter the new User ID in the ‘Share bike / device with user’ pop-up.
  • Select ‘Start date’ and ‘End date’ from the corresponding date pickers for setting the sharing period.
  • Click ‘OK’, an invite ‘[User ID] has shared their bike [bike name] with you

’ will be sent to the new user. 
  • Click ‘Accept’ to accept the invite and a pop-up ‘[User ID] has successfully been added to this device’ will be displayed to the owner, this indicates that the new user has been authorised to use the device; and otherwise, deny the invite.

NOTE: The owner can stop sharing any time during the sharing period.

The owner has to forget the device in the iOS bluetooth-compatible feature settings so that the shared user can connect to it.

Force Reset

At rare times, when the app cannot connect to the device after numerous attempts. You can tap the ‘Force Reset’ button on the top-right corner of the Map screen as a last resort to connect the device. 

After tapping the button, the device will be switched off. To use/connect it again, you must first charge it, then as soon as you hear a long beep, it is ready for connecting to the app again.


When the Smart Device is disconnected from the app, the app won’t display the battery status of the device on the Map screen or the device screen.