IoT Consulting Service

Bridging the physical and the digital world, IoT offers massive opportunities for bicycle and LEV companies. 

The Leopard team can help clients to capitalize on IoT technology and solutions, linking technology, manufacturers and cyclists effectively through our tailored system and business model.

We have the expertise to enable our clients to build IoT capabilities that can create new revenue streams, improve cyclists’ experience and brand loyalty.

IoT Design and Production Service

IoT is not a technology that operates in a silo. IoT can create significant value through embedding with bicycle and LEV industry.

The Leopard team help clients not only finalise the IoT hardware and software application designed for bicycles, but can also take responsibility of the hardware production and software development.

We offer the End-to End service including Chipset/Module Architecture, Proof of Concept, Massive Production efficiently to maximise clients’ profit

IoT Lifecycle Management Service

While IoT technology enables our clients to gain profit, IoT requires expertise and skills in  maintaining the Cloud-based application and operation platform to make the system robust and secure.

To reduce the maintenance cost and help clients focus on their core business, the Leopard team offers lifecycle management services to proactively handle the maintenance of the application and operation platform for performance improvement and bug fixing.

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