Leopard Lync

Providing secure anti theft and GPS tracking for cyclists with connected customer insight and behavioural data for manufacturers


Smarter bikes make better bikes

Leopard Lync can be fitted within the bicycle frame itself during production or integrated within accessories, such as a smart bottle cage or base unit and allows bicycle, LEV and accessory manufactures to offer customers the latest in connectivity, anti theft and tracking features to ensure their customers have a safer, connected and more secure ride. 

Anti Theft Alarm

Within bike or external fitting

GPS Tracking

Ultra low power

GSM and NB-IoT connectivity

Instant alerts

Bluetooth auto lock

Vibration, 6-AXIS gyro sensors

White label opportunities

The Leopard Lync

An innovative combination of Hardware, Application Software and Cloud-based Management System designed to deter bicycle theft, provide enhanced tracking solutions and help manufactures to better connect and understand their customers


Module integrates directly within the bicycle or LEV frame or within accessories such as a smart bottle cage, to give both manufacturer and customer access to a  comprehensive and accurate range of information as well as enhanced security, tracking and anti theft features.


Full control of all anti theft and tracking features  through a customisable and white label app.

data & Insight

Providing manufacturers with a host of data and insights on their customers while delivering new opportunities to increase customer service, deliver tailored marketing, and better understand customers behaviours. 


Where is it intalled on the bike?

The hardware module can be either fitted within a base unit, bottle cage or other accessory or can be fitted within the bike frame itself. 

What bikes can it be used on?

Any and all types of bicycle – from traditional to electric, road to gravel.  If your bike has room for a bottle cage then you will be able to fit the Leopard Lync.

How long does the battery last?

Under normal riding conditions the battery will last approx. 10 days. The device will let you know when the battery needs charging and you simply plug it in either to mains or a powerbank for 3 hours to fully charge.

What is the size and weight?

The device weighs 30 grams and the battery approx. 40 grams. The dimensions are 215mm x 32mm x 17.5mm – this is including the battery unit.

Do i need a sim card ?

No – the device comes with its own build in eSim allowing you to use the device around the world. There are options on how long you would like the subscription to run for your customers.

What are the white label options?

There are many options to white label the Leopard Lync for you customers. From your own bottle cage design or base unit with your logo to a fully white ladled app incorporating your brand identity.

Giving your customers a more secure cycling experience

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